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is a boutique law firm based in South Surrey-White Rock, assisting clients to reach effective and lasting resolution of their legal needs in the areas of Mediation, Arbitration, Family Law, Employment, Human Rights, Wills & Estates, Immigration, Business, Regulatory Law and Litigation consulting.



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Areas of Practice


Mediation is a timely, less costly alternate dispute mechanism by which a neutral mediator guides and supports both parties to reach their own agreement by skillfully facilitating their discussions.

The best, longest-lasting solutions are always the ones that parties work out for themselves. You can design your process within an organized framework that is sustainable. Ms. Findlay has helped many clients design their own outcomes and, as a lawyer, will draft a legally binding separation agreement from the terms of the mediated settlement.



This area of law relates to all matters that may arise or be in dispute between married or co-habiting partners, upon separation or divorce, or any parents. Issues may include: division of property, taking into account special or excluded property such as inheritance, gift or ownership before the relationship began; parenting of children, including who makes significant decisions that affect the children, time spent with them, vacations, schooling, religious affiliations, and time with extended family; exclusive possession or sale of a Family Residence; pension division; child and spousal support; sale and/or division of corporate entities or shares; and tax implications.


It is a wise choice to set out your wishes should you pre-decease your loved ones, and this can be accomplished by a Will supplemented by a Power of Attorney and/or Representation Agreement where desired. This allows those you trust to have the authority to act for you when you are no longer are able to, and to be able to carry out your wishes upon death. We can guide you in those decisions and make suggestions necessary to ensure your wishes will be carried out.


Arbitration is another timely, less costly alternate dispute mechanism. As your neutral arbitrator, Ms. Findlay will case manage, evaluate evidence including sworn testimony and documents, make rulings of admissibility, and decide the resolution of your legal issues by delivering a written Arbitration Award.

As an experienced Arbitrator, Ms. Findlay can assess the evidence and deliver binding reasons on an efficient, timely schedule. The process is private, confidential, and much quicker than going to court.


If you are dismissed from employment, your employer may or may not offer you severance, the adequacy of which you should discuss with an experienced lawyer. We can negotiate a greater and more appropriate amount on your behalf. Many factors can affect your severance package, including but not limited to: the seniority of your position; your income to date; your age; your ability to obtain a similar level of employment; and any employment contract you may have in place, including those with non-competition provisions.

You should also seek legal advice if your workplace has become intolerable to know your options should your employment come to an end.


We advise our business clients at start-up and during transition. Business disputes also lend themselves well to mediation and arbitration options. Relationships take many forms, and at times our clients find themselves in dispute with business partners, directors, shareholders, or investors that require a facilitated solution. Should both sides have lawyers, Ms. Findlay has many years experience with sophisticated multi-party and multi-jurisdictional negotiation of disputes.


There are times when most issues, but not all, can be resolved by mediation. The parties can agree at the outset, that if there are remaining issues that they cannot resolve themselves, the mediator can then switch to an arbitrator role and decide these remaining issues for them.

This combined method results in clear outcomes, defined by both the parties’ and the arbitrator’s decisions.



As a former Administrative Law Judge on the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, Ms. Findlay is very familiar with human rights law and the avenues open to her clients to pursue remedies when they have experienced discrimination. This background also assists her as a mediator and arbitrator in resolving workplace disputes, without recourse to either the courts or human rights tribunals and commissions.


The Canadian Government encourages immigration to Canada, but the process of obtaining a visa, including permanent resident status, is often not easy. We help people pursue their immigration needs. Mistakes in the preparation of your application can lead to delays and rejection. Determining what factors will be the focus of the decision to accept or reject your application requires experience and attention to every detail, throughout each step of the process.

We can provide you with the guidance that you require. We are committed to assisting you in dealing with Citizenship and Immigration Canada in a timely and cost-effective manner.  



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